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Typical services

Investment advisory is one of the legal services provided by IPNG Consultants Ltd to domestic investors and foreign investors operating in Vietnam or intending to do business in Vietnam…

Intellectual property and intellectual property law issues are one of the key areas of activity of IPNG Consultants Ltd. With our professional and experienced staffs, we will help you to solve any queries related to intellectual property rights and intellectual property registration procedures in accordance with the law.…

Establishing a business, realizing your business idea is the first thing any entrepreneur must do when entering the market, start making a career, What routine?...

You need to register your bar code for your goods for business convenience? Come to the service of barcode registration of IPNG Consulting Co., Ltd. We are committed to always bring you Customer satisfaction as well as best service quality…

Why need to design a brand logo? If you are starting a new business or start up your business and you have a lot to pay attention to. However, you can not ignore the extremely important. It's a professional logo design, see why you need a logo for your business…

In order to meet the urgent needs of enterprises in commercial activities, IPNG Consulting Co., Ltd. provides commercial legal consultancy services. We have extensive experience in legal consulting, content appraisal, customer support for commercial negotiation, as well as commercial disputes.…