Intellectual Property

IPNG is a full-service consultancy specializing in intellectual property and business transactions. Our practice covers all aspects of intellectual property such as patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and copyright.We provide our clients with the latest useful information relating to patent searches, design searches, trademark searches, company searches, actual use of trademarks. In addition, our services also include preparing IP analytic reports.This practical experience enables us to deeply understand our client’s need in prosecution and enforcing their intellectual property rights. We always look for new ways to deliver efficient services.IPNG is committed to providing practical and cost-effective, commercial solutions wich enable clients to achieve their business objectives.

Vietnam Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration Services In Vietnam
Please be advised that In Vietnam, multi-class applications are acceptable i.e. an application can be filed for more than one class of goods or service with payment of additional fee for additional class. Class headings or general description of goods/services is [...]

IP research services

We are proud that our company is one of the pioneers that provide IP research services in the country. We provide our clients with the latest information about intellectual property, including patents search, trade mark search, designs search, company search, and [...]

Watching services

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Our experienced trade mark attorneys monitor all newly filed and newly published trademarks to filter the marks that may be confusingly similar to our client’s. To ensure that no conflicting marks are missed we compare all aspects of a mark such [...]


Our renewal practice includes:Trademarks  renewal Patents annuity Designs renewalOur clients can rely on our firm to maintain their IP portfolios. By using our IP renewals services, our clients can ensure that their IP renewals are managed accurately. We use the most dedicated [...]

IP prosecution

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We provide prosecution services regarding all aspects of ntellectual property including patents,  trade marks, designs, geographical indications, and other IP registrations. Because of our extensive working experience as NOIP’s former examiners, a great care is taken in IP prosecution to avoid [...]

Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights

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We understand that a successful intellectual property strategy is an integration of the registration, commercialization and enforcement of intellectual property. Under particular circumstances, our experienced patent & trade mark attorneys are able to develop appropriate strategies and tactics for enforcing our [...]

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